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The advantages of project management system

Posted by on 2014/08/15

The translation project management system has been designed in the way that it can be used to host and to facilitate the translation and the localization of all the needs of stakeholders such as partners, vendors, localizers, translators and clients. They give the users the access to the information for 24 hours by using a simple web browser without a need of any administrative or software tasks from the users. The system offers transparency to the users so that they can monitor the progress of the project.
According to the position you have in your business, you can benefit from the translation project management system. If you are an executive and you have to deal with large projects with different requirements when it comes to schedules, languages, and localization, then you will be happy to use the system since it is easy to track the task, to manage and to deliver it which may results into low cost for your business. TMS are based on the SQL database where all your projects are kept. This means that it will be easier for you to track the changes, create the reports and to present the metric data at a regular basis.
If you are a localization manager, you will get a full visibility for the projects tasks, deliverables and schedules. This means that the manager have the ability to make the timely decisions which is based on the changing sources, changing priorities and changing schedules. With the system, the manager will be able to follow up what it is taking place with the localization group. The TMS can help the manager to delegate the authority easily and to assign the tasks to the people who are involved in the business. For the localizers: the translation project management system helps to facilitate the workflow with the communications. The localizer can also get access to the details easily. The TMS also provides the efficiency and boosts the productivity.

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